Company Overview

Gold Rock International Enterprises was established in 1991 in Kenya by Mr Samuel S.Y. Park and a local associate. It started as a service-oriented business to provide effective support to local companies in the telecommunications field and financial developments throughout projects embracing complementary discipline in the manufacturing, agricultural and civil infrastructure.

CEO – Co Founder Gold Rock International


The company has been dealing majorly with advanced technology of VHF, UHF and HF two-way radio communication systems. Under our competent professionals we deal with security, communication and forensic equipment for effective technological support systems.

We are currently located along Baba dogo road, Ruaraka Nairobi. GoldRock is also running duty free shops at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where we sell our leather products, curio items as well as our Masai coffee and tea brands. We are also running coffee shops and a restaurant in Nairobi and Malindi airports.

Our Field Areas

The company operates, with it’s 200+ employees into several economical fields ranging from telecommunication services for Embassy, Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations, Airlines and Airport authorities within Africa utilizing state of the art solutions and equipments providing means of communication in the HF-VHF and satellite.

Manufacturing includes synthetic and leather products mainly for export sale and OEM products, gadgets and the like for multinational companies in East Africa and South Asia.

After the liberalization of the coffee trading in Kenya, Goldrock International has applied and obtained all necessary governmental licences to directly participate in the coffee auctions held weekly in the KPCU ( Kenya Planter Cooperative Union ) and to act as importer and exporter of green and roasted coffee beans and produce. This opportunity has widened the Gold Rock vision incorporating into it’s line of operation the roasting, packing and distribution of Top quality AA Arabica coffee mainly for our duty free shops, African Airlines, 5-star hotels and holiday resorts in Kenya. We therefore are eligible to act directly on behalf of international importers for the purchase and shipping of green coffee beans.

We also supply and service beverage vending machines utilizing our own roasted coffee beans and the very local top quality tea leaves.
Our vision and services are even more broaden to the extent that we can give effective support and guidance to international investor into the local market providing financial solutions and business planning for an ease implementation and developments.